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There are three easy steps to getting your California Driving Permit.Pass our CA approved Ed course, Receive Certificate from Us, and Pass the DMV's Permit Test.You must be between the ages of 15½ - 17 ½ to be eligible for the course. This Driving Ed Course will teach you the importance of driving and prepare you for the DMV's Permit Test.

*If you're a parent and want more information about the process of "getting the driving permit" click "Permit Process" below to take you to an informational page.

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You must register to have FULL access to our course and SAVE your progress. Our course will prepare you 100% to pass the DMV's Permit Test. If you're a looking for the right course, be sure to read below for an overview what you will need to do.

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This course contains 10 different lessons for you to complete plus a short quiz the end of each lesson. The quizzes are for your personal benefit to increase your memory retention for important information (most likely be tested on the DMV's Test).

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After you've PASSED our course, we will mail you your personal certificate to present to the DMV. For your information, the certificate will be shipped by US Mail and should arrive 5-7 business days.

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get your driving permit

Lastly, take an appointment with the DMV to take the DMV Permit Test. We recommend you to take an appointment to avoid the waiting time.

Here's What To Expect:

Our Driver's Ed Course contains 10 Lessons with a practice quiz at the end of each lesson + a final exam. When you enroll in our course you will get access to the following features:

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We've put these course together to have you follow step by step. If you have any questions before getting started or while you're taking our course, make sure to get in touch with us to clear any misunderstandings.