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$29.95 Driver's Ed Course - DMV Approved

What's the Shortest Way To Get the California Drivers Ed?

This is the question we constantly receive from teens. Getting your California Permit is the first step to do, you will learn everything about being a safe driver. Right now, you can get started on your California Permit for only $29.95. You will get access to the complete course via mobile and desktop, log on and off without losing your progress, and the most important you receive a certificate upon completion. This same certificate you will present to the DMV to take the written permit test.
Our California Permit Course is affordable and easy to complete.


California Drivers Ed ~ Test Course Made Simple

To qualify to get your California Permit, you need to be between 15 ½ and 17 ½ years old. The California DMV gives you (3) options to choose from - 1. Complete a Driver Education course (like this one - CHEAPEST & EASIEST option), 2. Complete a Driver Education Course & Driving Training, and 3. Enrolled and participating in an approved integrated driver education/driver training program.

When you pass our driver's ed course - you will receive an official certificate to get your Caliofornia Permit. The shipping of the certificate is on us - you will receive it via US mail, you should get it within 5-7 business days. You will take this same certificate to the DMV to pass the written test to start driving with your california permit.

California Drivers Ed ~ Driver's Course For Beginners

pass the course

This course contains 10 different lessons for you to complete plus a short quiz the end of each lesson. The quizzes are for your personal benefit to increase your memory retention for important information (most likely be tested on the DMV's Test).

receive your certificate

After you've PASSED our course, we will mail you your personal certificate to present to the DMV. For your information, the certificate will be shipped by US Mail and should arrive 5-7 business days.

get your driving permit

Lastly, take an appointment with the DMV to take the DMV Permit Test. We recommend you to take an appointment to avoid the waiting time.


You might be wondering what will be on the written test. Our Drivers Ed Course includes the most important information that will most likely be tested on the written test. You want more preparation? There is no better other source of information than the DMV - this will prepare you the most to getting your California Permit. The practice TEST is FREE and you can take it as many times as you want (need).

California Drivers Ed ~ Drivers Education School For Teens

The below questions you see have been asked the most - make sure to read the FAQ to get all your questions answered. If we are missing questions, please by sending us an email to - we are here to help you get your California Permit.

Does this Educational Course satisfies the DMV requirements?

Yes, Our Course "" is approved by the DMV and is equivelant to a 30 hour classroom course. View our course details - Get Your California Permit Now.

Are there any additional fees?

No, the ONLY payment you have to worry about is the $29.95 which gives you access to the COURSE without losing your progress. When the course is completed the Shipping Fee is on us. You will only have to pay the $29.95 - our course price is the best one available.

Do we provide a practice test?

We provide you with the right links to get access to the best source of information. You DO NOT have to pay additionally to take the practice test. Make sure to use the DMV's open sources.


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We've put these course together to have you follow step by step. If you have any questions before getting started or while you're taking our course, make sure to get in touch with us to clear any misunderstandings. Please email us at More than happy to be part the process.